Teaching Experience

I find fulfillment in teaching as part of my academic journey. I have taught three undergraduate-level classes (seven times) as a lecturer at Cornell and one graduate level class at NUS. I was awarded as an Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant (2020-2021) at Cornell. Below are some courses I have taught as an independent lecturer/ assistant professor:

Uses of Communication Research

(FA 23)

This course aims to help students learn how to conceptualise research questions and answer such questions by collecting and analysing relevant data. Students will learn essential skills on how to conceptualise problems and how to obtain and interpret relevant data. The module covers fundamental concepts in research design, instrumentation, data collection, and data analysis. The focus of this module is on problem solving through the application of communication research methods.

Communication and Technology

(FA & SP 22; SUM 20, 21)

This course addresses three approaches to understanding technology and its role in human behavior and society. The course begins by discussing the factors that inform and shape the design of everyday objects and our virtual world, considering research in human-computer interactions that reflects and reveals communication practices and contexts. Next, the course examines the psychological aspects of computer-mediated communication and virtual collaboration, including impression relations, group dynamics and social networks. Finally, the course explores the ways in which human communication is altering social and institutional structures and infiltration of surveillance into daily life. 

This course provides an introductory understanding of media content, industries, policies, research, and effects. Topics include the history of mediated communication, how the media operate, how they affect you and others, how society influences the creation of mediated messages, how messages are psychologically processed, who owns/controls the media, research to date on media content and effects, and a special section on media during a pandemic. These topics are examined through current theoretical and empirical research on mediated communication. In this sense, the course is designed to introduce you to topics that will be covered in depth in the media-related Communication courses.

The course focuses on face-to-face, public communication, but the principles and practices addressed transfer to all purposeful communication situations. While many assume a good speech rests in how well it is delivered, students will learn that a good speech is equally dependent on the development, structure, and integrity of one's ideas. The objectives of the course are for students to speak effectively and ethically, and listen critically.